Pecan Truffle Oil - 8.5oz - Pecan Ridge Plantation

SKU: P-16652
  • 8.5oz

    Pecan oil infused with a proprietary blend of black winter truffle extract (Tuber melanosporum) resulting in a fresh, earthy flavor with rich, creamy and nutty notes complimentary to the naturally light, buttery flavor of pecan oil.

    Pecan Ridge Plantation is proud to be the first, and only, manufacturer of pecan truffle oil.  With its unique subtle flavor, it can be used in a variety of ways.  It is exceptional when drizzled on pizza, popcorn, salad, soup, meat, eggs, cheese, pasta, potatoes, seafood, and many other foods.  One drop can add tremendous flavor.  Having been given rave reviews by numerous chefs and culinary enthusiasts, Pecan Ridge Plantation pecan truffle oil is sure to please!    


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