Pecan Oil 8.5oz - Pecan Ridge Plantation

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  • 8.5oz 

    Pecan oil is a light and healthy Southern gourmet oil.  With its buttery, nutty flavor, pecan oil is perfect for sautéing, seasoning, baking, grilling, deep frying, browning meat, pouring over salads, marinating poultry, fish, and vegetables, or as a butter substitute.  It's mildness simply enhances the ingredients' natural flavors and can be used as you would use any other oil.  To maintain freshness indefinitely, refrigerate after opening.  Otherwise, use within six months for best results.


    Pecan oil is a healthy oil rich in monounsaturated fats, or good fat, and low in saturated fats, or bad fat.  It actually has three times as much vitamin E and less saturated fat than olive oil (only 7 percent compared to olive oil's 14 percent).  The smoke point of pecan oil is 470 degrees, which is higher than common culinary oils, making it ideal for cooking at high temperatures and for deep frying.  Because pecans are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, research suggests using pecan oil may also help reduce heart disease. 


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