Maize & Seagrass Baskets - Set of 4

SKU: S023271107315
  • So useful around the home, these beautiful maize & sea grass baskets feature wide openings and ample storage capacity, making them ideal for placing them everywhere. Toss in magazines and remotes for purposeful storage, stage a tabletop display, or collect miscellaneous papers on a desktop. The addition of sustainable materials, like wicker, maize peel, seagrass, and rattan, add the perfect touch of "slouchy glamour", historical heft and a touch of nature.

    Set of 4:

    • 20"L x16"W x18"H
    • 17"L x14"W x15.5"H
    • 16"L x13.5"W x14.5"H
    • 14"L x12"W x13.5"H

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