Little Seed Farm - Activated Charcoal Bar

SKU: P-14006
  • Gentle yet powerful, this bar will quickly become an indispensable staple in your skincare routine. Activated charcoal is gifted with the ability to deep clean without drying, chemically attracting and locking in toxins and free radicals (from indoor and outdoor pollution) that can cause breakouts, irritation, and the cellular damage responsible for premature aging. It washes them away without breaking down your skin’s naturally protective mantle, making our Activated Charcoal Bar a perfect companion for all skin types, but especially sensitive and irritated skin.


    We keep it real! Our soap is free of artificial and synthetic ingredients.


    Ingredients: virgin organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, grassfed goat's milk (from our herd), sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal


    4.75 oz | 134 g ℮


& SAVE 15%


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